Whose waste is it anyway? Event in Brighton

Whose waste is it anyway? Is a new event taking place at the Brighthelm Centre, Brighton on Thursday 1 November 2018 between 10:00 – 3pm. Carrie Cort, founder of Sussex Green Living is giving a talk on the shocking journey of a cotton T shirt and the environmental effects for the fast fashion industry.

Waste is a hot topic right now.  We are all becoming increasingly more aware of the effect of what our buying choices have on the environment. Consumers are trying their hardest to reduce their waste and with positive new start ups springing up such as zero waste businesses, changes are being made slowly but surely. However, there needs to be change beyond this so where does the responsibility lay and more importantly, Whose Waste is it Anyway?

Join us for a day of informative talks and engaging insights from thought leaders into this trending topic. From fast fashion waste to food waste to sustainable living, there are talks about every aspect of waste.

We will also be having a selection of local eco-friendly businesses setting up their own market stalls available to talk about their innovative businesses.

Cat Fletcher – Freegle

www.ilovefreegle.org | www.facebook.com/Freegle | https://twitter.com/thisisfreegle

Charity encouraging people to give away rather than chuck away. Also been involved in building Brighton’s Waste House as seen on TV and runs City Reuse Depot.

Thalassa De Burgh-Milne and Charlotte Cross – Charlotte’s Cupboard

www.charlottescupboard.com | www.instagram.com/charlottes_cupboard | www.facebook.com/charl0ttescupboard | https://twitter.com/char3cross

The UK’s first mobile zero waste and plastic free shop in the form of electric eco van ‘Peggy’.

Carrie Cort – Sussex Green Living

www.sussexgreenliving.co.uk | www.facebook.com/SussexGreenLiving | https://twitter.com/Sussexgreen

SGL is a green network, website and green children’s educational club that aims to inspire parents, carers, teacher and children to live a greener and more sustainable life. Carrie also worked with former presidential candidate Al Gore on climate change project.

Peter Desmond – B&H Circular Economy Business Club

www.circulareconomyclub.com | www.twitter.com/peterdesmond1 | www.instagram.com/circular_economy_club | www.facebook.com/CircularEconomyClub
The Circular Economy Club is a worldwide not for profit and free to join venture that believes that waste can reintroduced into production and used as a raw material. Their aim is to promote a change of the ‘take, make, consume and dispose’ mindset.

In addition to these, we also have some great eco businesses for the market stall aspect of the event, which currently stands as the following:


ReRun clothing is a social enterprise that extends the life of preloved running clothes and equipment through repurposing.

Real Junk Food Project

https://therealjunkfoodproject.org | https://twitter.com/realjunkfoodBri | www.facebook.com/realjunkfoodbrighton

RJFP is a global movement aiming to abolish surplus food and eradicate food waste through their ‘pay as you feel’ scheme.

Join us at this not for profit eco waste event, free tickets available here.  Or contact the event organisers Hayley Berry, PR Manager, Tiny Box Company +44 (0)1825 723832

“Greening Sussex by Sussex families”