Winner of Campaigner of the Year from Sussex!

PEA Award 2013

26th November 2013…We are very proud to announce that West Sussex born and breed environmentalist Nicola Peel has just been just won the PEA (Peoples Environment Award) for Campaigner of the Year 2013.

The PEA Awards recognise people and companies from across Britain who are making a difference to the green agenda.

This Award acknowledges her global environmental campaigning, rainforest work and film Blood of the Amazon.  Nicola works with communities in the Amazon to clean up oil-polluted land with mycoremediation, harvest rainwater for drinking water where the water has been polluted by petrochemicals, and helps them to build structures out of waste materials like plastic bottles. These buildings become community hubs and small enterprises, creating some economic improvements to desperately poor villages. Nicola is also a rainforest activist, campaigning for the preservation of Yasuni and made the film, Blood of the Amazon,about the petrochemical industry’s exploitation of the region.

More information about the PEA Awards can be found here  Or visit Nicola’s website here.

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