Worthing Eco Open Houses trail

Press release…..The third Worthing Eco Open Houses trail is taking place on 24th and 25th September 2016.

Transition Town Worthing in collaboration with Green Open Homes, is excited to launch its third Eco Open Homes event for Worthing, and Lancing.

Over the weekend of the 24th and 25th September, come and visit a local home or business and see what you can learn about efficient ways to live.

This is a unique opportunity for people interested in sustainable housing try out simple ways to save your water and energy consumption, this could be the event for you. Do you have an image of the kind of house you would really like to live in? Do you worry about watering your garden as the rains lessens and then we experience downpours? Do you want to be more responsible but think it is too difficult, too expensive or are not sure where to start?

Transition Town Worthing is continuing its collaboration with Henry House Therapy Centre and Low Carbon Trust, and this year main sponsor, West Sussex County Council’s Operation Watershed, to bring workshops and tours of 11 properties to Worthing and Lancing. You can learn about saving money and exploring simple ways to save on water and energy consumption, but also offers the opportunity to learn how to live a more comfortable yet sustainable lifestyle that anyone can achieve.

The trail includes an interesting range of retrofitted houses as well as two businesses and this year features two rain gardens, a community garden with an aquaponics system and a state of the art, high tech retrofit. This year’s trail is also packed with workshops to inspiring displays by home and business owners, Sustainable Sussex’s aquaponics chilli farm, Operation Watershed and also Southern Water. As well as looking at energy savings, the focus is on how to conserve water as we live in a water stress and flood potential locality and there really are some simple and effective ways to conserve water and lessen our impact on storm drains.

Some of the properties are also holding workshops that are designed to be educational and get up close with detail, so you really can understand what is possible and how it can be achieved.

“This year’s trail has such a mix of homes to workshops to really help reduce the impact of local flooding”, said Karen Simporis of Henry House, a sponsor for the trail. Co-organiser, Pauline Cory of Transition Town Worthing said, “homeowners can really be inspired by
their neighbours on how to make simple improvements.”

West Sussex County Council’s Principle Community Officer Sue Furlong added: “The Eco -Homes Event is something Operation Watershed has sponsored. It is a great initiative for householders and local businesses to get involved with, as it demonstrates how we can all try to mitigate the effects of flooding.”

It is free to visit any of the houses and all are welcome. You simply need to check online if you need to book for a tour or if you can just turn up.

For a downloadable brochure of all the Eco Open Houses or for homes see the attached. Come along and be inspired!


Editor’s notes

Green Open Homes is funded by the Department of Energy and Climate
Change, and delivered by the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) in
partnership with Bristol Green Doors.
Eco Open Houses Worthing and Lancing has been organised by Transition
Town Worthing. The event has been kindly funded by WSCC Operation
Watershed, Worthing County Local Committee Community Initiative Fund
and also Henry House Hot Pool and Therapy Centre.
Details of all the properties and the times that they are open to the
public are online via Transition Town Worthing Eco Open Houses Team –
Contact us at transitionworthing@gmail.com
The event is free and all are welcome. Opening times/days vary. Some
properties have informal tours that can last up to one hour times are
listed under each property.
We encourage everyone where possible to travel to each property by
sustainable means.
Southern Water are supporting Transition Town Worthing.

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