Worthing Great British Beach Clean

Live your Heritage with Transition Worthing & British SubAqua Club: join MCS Great British Beach Clean & Annual Litter Survey Coastal Sustainability Fair and MCS.

10:00 am – 3.30pm

Sat 19th September at Beach House Grounds, Worthing.

Note: In rainy conditions the litter survey will still take place – with due attention to safety.

Complete cancellation only in the event of extreme weather conditions e.g. gale.

Itinerary & Activities:

09:00 – Fortify yourself with a Beach Cleaner’s breakfast from a stand/local eatery!

10:00 – Beach Cleaners register with organisers in Beach House Grounds.

Browse stands: Energy, Water Sports; Marine Life, Fishing; Local Food; Water & Gardening; Waste & Recycled Arts; Therapies, EcoOpen Houses.

10:30 – Beach Cleaners – Briefing with Transition Worthing & BSAC

11:00 – Beach Cleaners: Survey litter across 2 x 100m areas -work in small groups

Search for Shark Egg Cases on a SWT Strandline Safari.

12:00 – Beach Cleaners: back to base – weigh litter and return survey sheets.

All make recycled ARTY facts from rubbish with ‘Creative Waves’.

12:30 – All: Folkloric Seaside Sing-along with Shanties & a Fishermen’s Rap with members of South Downs Folk Singers, EYE Project school children & others.

1:00 – Time for lunch? Try some locally caught fish at nearby stands or eateries.

Visit BUGCYCLE at Beach House PARK- a Nature Garden using recycled materials.

2:00 – West Sussex Geological Society guided walk – Coast, Climate & Construction – looking at aspects of Natural & Built Heritage Environment near the coast.

3:30 – End of Coastal Capers.

To join Marine Conservation Society’s Beach Clean please sign up at www.mcsuk.org/greatbritishbeachclean (search for Worthing Beach).

Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

Or contact .

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