How We Can Enjoy the 12 Rs of Christmas

West Sussex County Times our weekly column – 10.12.20 by Karen Park, Horsham Eco Churches

Here’s a chance to think about how we can enjoy a greener, more sustainable Christmas!


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  1. REDUCE – Use less. The most important R word, conserving precious resources and saving money, whilst still having fun.
  2. REFUSE – Say no thanks to excess packaging; use your own bags.
  3. RESEARCH – Use Ecosia search engine – they plant free trees! Avoid advertising pressure. ‘Which?’ found 85% of items checked were the same price or less before Black Friday 2019! 
  4. RECONSIDER – the impacts of how you shop. Buy Fairtrade and support local businesses.
  5. REFLECT – An uplifting experience or gift in kind is special. Share lists to reduce unwanted gifts. Choose pre-loved gifts from charities or third-party gifts – anything from a goat to Toilet or Bin Twinning! 
  6. RE-ENERGISE – When replacing Christmas lights, choose LEDs to save energy. Switch to clean renewable energy and save money. It takes a few minutes with your latest electricity and gas bills at 
  7. REDUCE FOOD WASTE – Use Horsham Community Fridge. Be realistic about how much food you need. Store leftovers in reusable lidded containers or covered with an upturned plate. 
  8. REPURPOSE – Wrap presents with fabric, scarves or pillowcases tied with ribbon or string. Reuse cards to make gift tags, customised cards and decorations. Reuse Advent calendars, gift bags, paper and decorations.
  9. RENT – a responsibly sourced Christmas tree! Real trees can be potted and reused or composted if cut. Reuse an artificial tree and buy second hand.
  10. RECREATION – Make your own crackers, decorations and home baked goodies. Horsham Churches Together invites us to spread Christmas joy by creating stars for windows and doorstep carol singing. #HorshamShines2020
  11. RECYCLE – Having reduced and reused what you can, see our Recycling Zone to find out what can go in your household recycling bin and other recycling schemes including single use plastics, crisp and biscuit packets, ink cartridges, toothpaste tubes, pens, textiles and so much more:
  12. RECONNECT to nature, spot wildlife and signs of new life. Christmas will be very different this year, let’s bring comfort and joy to others by celebrating Christmas in quieter more thoughtful ways and looking forward to Spring.

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Horsham Eco Churches

Through Horsham Churches Together, Horsham Eco Churches encourage and inspire other churches on their Eco Church journey. Information and the recent webinar slides are available here:

Creation Care Awards 

This recently launched scheme encourages households to make changes to care for God’s earth, the online questionnaire and printable certificates recognise progress made, and resources provide ideas for your next steps towards Bronze, Silver and Gold awards.

A webinar with Bishop Ruth Bushyager (Bishop of Horsham), Revd. Dr Dave Bookless (Director of Theology, A Rocha International), Annabelle South (St Paul’s Action on Climate and the Environment) and Helen Stephens (Church Relations Manager, A Rocha UK) launched the scheme, exploring topics including:

  • Why we, as Christians, must care for God’s creation.
  • How our household and personal actions can make a difference.
  • How the Creation Care scheme can help you better care for God’s earth.

Watch the webinar here: