WE PAY FOR FOOD AND WATER WHY NOT FOR AIR? Every one of us depends on oxygen without ever questioning where it comes from. Almost half the oxygen we breathe comes from the oceans and the other half from plant life. Whilst millions of tiny trees are being planted, old intact ancient forests full of life are being cut down.

Forests cool the atmosphere by inhaling CO2 through the process of photosynthesis and storing or sequestering it in roots, trunks, branches, needles and leaves. Half a tree’s weight is carbon.

Although your garden absorbs some amount of carbon, a rainforest takes in exponentially more. For this reason, rainforests and other large terrestrial ecosystems made up of dense vegetation are known as “carbon sinks.”

The world’s forests contain more carbon than exploitable oil, gas, and coal deposits, hence avoiding forest carbon emissions is just as urgent as halting fossil fuel use.


Tree planting can never recreate a primary forest as most of the life in a forest you can not see, like fungi, microorganisms and tiny insects which are all essential for the health of the whole and can not be recreated.

Established woodlands and hedgerows are vital food and habitat for the last of the wildlife on Earth. As humans OUR role is to act as guardians and protect life on Earth.

What can you do to help? How can you support your local woodlands and wildlife? Where does the air you breathe come from?

Locally help protect the woodland which is about to be cleared at Rookwood, Horsham….
The Rookwood decisions are being solidified by Horsham District Council from 21st Jan, so please write NOW!

LOCALLY – Write to Claire Vickers and Jonathan Chowen to ask them to protect Rookwood so the townsfolk of Horsham can breathe! (be inspired LITERALLY by the trees!)

NATIONALLY – Write to Jeremy Quin and ask him to support the Climate and Ecology Emergency Bill.

GLOBALLY – We must act locally and think globally. If you have any skills to help turn this initiative into reality, moving money from the global north to those guardians of the forest in the global south, assisting through programs such as carbon offsetting towards oxygen and biodiversity rewards please contact Nicola Peel via her website www.nicolapeel.com.

You can help protect the remaining rainforests by supporting Rainforest Savers, they help farmers tackle climate change. Why not support them by buying tickets for their Winter Raffle and or giving a donation via the Paypal link below.



Tickets cost £1 each, choose how many you would like, then click on the link below to their PayPal account (or copy it into your browser). You can pay through PayPal or by credit card.  They will then email you your numbers and enter them into the draw.


If you wish to make part of your payment as a donation, email them on and tell them your requirements.The closing date is Friday 26th February, and lucky winners will be announced on Sunday 28th February 2021 at 33 Pentland View, Edinburgh EH10 6PY. Winners will be informed as soon as possible thereafter.

Many thanks for entering prize draw, and good luck!

Promoters: Patrick Miller and Sally Marullo

Support Rainforest Saver and help them reach more farmers, save more rainforest, save the climate!


1st Prize    £200 cash, kindly donated by a computer software firm.   

2nd prize   Oil seascape, 17 cms square, framed – Sarah Knight, Skylark 2 Gallery, London SE1. Value £40. 

3rd prize   Seed necklace made by indigenous people in the Ecuadorian Amazon  

4th prize   Ceramic fruit plate, 27 cms round, by Purple Pots, Clay Habitat, Lower Marsh, London SE. Value £45.

5th prize    Rainforest Saver shopping bag. Value £7.50

6th, 7th, 8th prizes    Rainforest Saver 2022 calendar featuring the Inga Alley cropping work of Rainforest Saver

Click on the link below and buy your tickets! Thank you!



This has been a really difficult year and the Covid crisis has caused many of us to reassess our life’s priorities. One principal issue that looms over our future is climate change which affects every single one of us – in some regions with devastating effect. It is clear we must act now to reverse the trend. What can an individual do to make a difference?

We and Rainforest Saver, believes small steps can and do make a difference. We must seek to preserve tropical rainforests, where typically trees are slashed and burnt to allow farming, soil becomes depleted, the terrain is stripped bare, and farmers move onto fresh land. We must arrest this process by promoting the planting of Inga tree alleys – between which crops are planted.  These enrich depleted soil and boost food yields and incomes without the need for further slash and burn.

Rainforest Saver partners in Cameroon, Ecuador and Honduras are successfully spreading the Inga message to rural villages, and are conducting soil sample analysis to firmly establish the science. They are a small charity and it all costs money.

The small print
This raffle is licensed by the City of Edinburgh Council license number 426893 and is open to all bar Rainforest Saver trustees and their immediate families. It conforms to the Gambling Act 2005. The promoters are Dr Patrick Miller, 33 Pentland View, Edinburgh EH10 6PY and Mrs.Sally Marullo, 19 King Edward Walk London SE1 7PR.

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