Hope must come out of Covid19 crisis

Next Horsham Climate Cafe 4th April will be online

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Horsham Climate Cafe gives inspiration: people take stock and change habits

The speed at which Governments, organisations and institutes around the World are reacting to the Covid19 pandemic gives the organisers of the Horsham Climate Cafe hope. It shows that when faced with an emergency the world can mobilise resources and political will in the midst of the crises.

An unexpected but positive spin-off is that the world has seen a huge dip in global greenhouse gas emissions since the devastating Covid19 virus and fast mobilisation of community collaboration and support.

Carrie Cort, the founder of Sussex Green Living and co-founder of the Horsham Climate Cafe said “The UK often blame China for its huge carbon footprint but a lot of our clothes and goods are made cheaply and imported to the UK.  We spent £44.7 billion on imported Chinese goods in 2018 alone”.  She continues, ‘All this manufacturing of cheap goods and shipping around is a hidden carbon footprint which the UK should take responsibility for.  It also means we’ve become dependent on China for manufactured goods, which leaves us vulnerable in times like this.”

Horsham Climate Cafe is normally at the Quaker Meeting House on the first Saturday of each month, on Saturday 4th April at 2pm it will use Zoom or Skype free video conferencing, enabling people to attend from their homes. Our theme – Health and climate crisis resilience. Three short inspiring talks by Tony Whitbread, Paul Hannam and Fiona Hamilton about how we can help support community resilience, save money, helping ourselves, our neighbours and the planet! There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions and share concerns.

Co-founder Helen Whittington added “Climate change is effectively being addressed in part by Covid19; ironically they are the two biggest crises the world has ever experienced, one helping us to combat the other.

Carrie closed by saying, “Humans are ingenious: we have managed to heat up a whole planet and change the chemistry of the oceans… Covid 19 has now forced us to rethink the unsustainable way in which we have been living. We have a unique opportunity to make something good come out of a very negative situation. This is an amazing time to be alive to witness and experience these deep changes at a societal level happening on a global scale. The World is standing together and re-designing a better future for us all.”

Visit https://www.sussexgreenliving.org.uk/horsham-climate-cafe/  or email to join us and learn more. This page explains how to attend a Zoom event here https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362193-Joining-a-Meeting. We will share the Zoom meeting weblink on our site and in the social media nearer the date.

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